Week 30-31

It’s the final countdown. I cant believe we are here already. I certainly don’t feel as pregnant as I am but everything is measuring perfectly. It is all coming together now and I am finding myself to be very anxious and excited for October.

My appointments have been going wonderful and I had my last regular appointment today. I was informed that the sonogram that I had on Monday came back great. Jackson is in the 80% for his weight and so is the blood flow in his cord. Both of these are commonly effected when preeclampsia flairs up but since it hasn’t been bad at all, Jackson is growing perfectly. It was very exciting to see how much he has grown over the past month. Every sonogram we have had so far he refuses to pose for pictures and has both his hands and at least one foot in his face. I can’t imagine that is very comfortable but maybe he will grow up to be a yoga instructor or punter in the NFL. I know Dad would love that last outcome. Even though he refuses to take a picture of his face we left with a long roll of images of our boy. The tech seemed weirdly obsesses with getting shots of his “boy bits” as she called them so now we have way more pictures of that then is needed.


As far as how I feel well ……I have been feeling really great :). A bit sore and cramp-y but other than not being able to sleep at night anymore I feel pretty good for only 9 weeks left. Jackson is very active and strong so I also have to pee every 5 mins but I consider this to be a really good thing after all we have been through. I would go through any side effect especially the ones that indicate how healthy he is in a heartbeat.  I have been doing better with the mental fog as well I think nesting and working on the nursery has helped with that.

Next Sunday is also the baby shower. I am so excited to see everyone and celebrate. If you would have told me a year ago that we would be here I might not have believed you. We have some pretty hard dates coming up . It has been almost a year since Willow was transferred (September 22nd) and shortly after on October 23rd it will mark a year since we lost her. I have been thinking of ways to celebrate her short life inside of me. I want to do something special so wherever she may be she knows we will never forget her even though we never got to meet her.

Next week I start my longer appointments at the doctors. With only 8 weeks to go they will start to monitor Jackson’s heartbeat with the belly bands. This is a 30ish min process and even though everything is fine with the both of us they do this to make sure nothing changes. I am sure I will have plenty to update everyone on so I might be posting more often. I will defiantly be doing a special edition next week after the shower. Also I wanted to do a bit about our short sweet and to the point birthing plan i made this week. I will probably touch on that in a few weeks when I finally pack for the hospital (*Squeal*). For now I am off to finish brushing up on labor stuff and tips for having a boy. I hope to see you all next Sunday at the shower.

ps turns out I am pregnant with Sasquatch lol. This picture makes me giggle


Week 24-29

It has been a while I know. I have reached that point in pregnancy that there just isn’t much to update on and at risk of boring you all to tears I decided to just wait to write a post. That, and I have had a heck of a time with “baby brain”. My once motivated super active self has seemly turned into a sloth. I think it is a combination of hormones and heat. I didn’t seem to have this problem with Kylie however, I was also almost a decade younger.  Continue reading

Week 22-23 / Gender Reveal

Man has it been a busy few weeks. It is only gonna get crazier from here on out. We have a jammed packed summer and a house to get ready for little one.

Everything is still going well. My blood pressure is slightly elevated but nothing bad. Now I am going back to being seen every other week. The downside of having so many doctors to see you is the back and fourth you get from each one. They all seem to be either annoyed that I am flagged as high risk or very conservative about my care. The main doctor at the practice was the one that flagged me so I trust it is for good enough reason. I am also starting to get bigger now that little one is gaining body fat. I have a very pronounced baby bump that seems to double each week and next week I have my second sugar test. Unfortunately with my PCOS and my age ( over 30) my chances of getting gestational diabetes is pretty high. I have experienced a few weird sugar crashes but other than that I don’t think I have to worry. I will find out next week though.

Now for the fun part…….what is baby Stalcup. As most of you already know from my facebook feed we are pleased to announce that Baby Stalcup will now be known as Jackson Atlee Stalcup. We had a great time sharing out reveal with friends and family last Saturday. Unfortunately, TJ already knew the gender. A word of advice for anyone expecting to do some sort of surprise reveal, most hospitals have very strict rules on what they can and can not do as far as revealing the gender. Our plan was to go in and have the tech circle the gender on a card and seal it in an envelope I had provided so I could give it to my sister in law. Unfortunately however, policy has changed in the 10 years since I had the one with my daughter. Due to what I can only imagine was a jerk that had the wrong answer and sued, they are only allowed to state the gender verbally, in the room, and only to a parent ( we asked if my sister in law could call in and that was shot down as well). We asked how people do reveals then since it seems to be an increasingly popular idea. She said that most people pay to go to the entertainment type sonogram businesses before their 16-20 medical one. I can’t say this is the policy for each place but it is for Medstar locations.

Poor TJ had to hold onto that info for a week and a half. It was hard but I was very surprised come the reveal. I had a feeling from the beginning that I was carrying a boy mostly because of how much different I felt from carrying my daughter. I thought it was either gonna be a boy or so much time had passed that I forgot how I felt with her. Turns out I am 2 for 2 and was right about carrying a boy. I am super excited for this adventure. I was never nervous with my daughter since there was a large age gap between my sister and I and I myself and a girl I felt as though I knew girls. While I have watched many of my friends boys over the years I am really excited at how much different it will be this time around. I am all for gender neutral things but I know we will have many different things to consider with a boy. I also feel as though this may be our last go round. As much as I want Kylie to have a sister I worry that the age gap will be so large she might even have her own kids by the time our next is her age now. She is also very excited to have a brother. She was very much about getting a sister until she found out that meant she would have to share things. She also told me she is “happy because toddler boys like to snuggle more”.

I can’t guarantee the quality of writing from here on out. Turns out when I care a boy baby brain is our of control. I seem to have been forgetting everything and my concentration and motivation seems to have disappeared. Sometimes I think the baby is feeding off my brain. Hopefully I get some of it back soon or at least after Jackson is born. I will post pictures and do a post more about our gender reveal when I get the amazing shots my brother in law took. For now enjoy these pictures that our amazing friends and family took

11138159_754183488818_678363004866300249_n 11412436_754183229338_4446278044812607629_n11390216_10206862279774503_4511142703559385732_n  11415341_10154000293444237_5484758845950883542_n 11403362_10154000292579237_7150701255920358122_n 11391196_10154000386789237_8064128651444409048_n 11391457_10204112529801520_1369119154534621747_n   11377095_10204112530321533_896319460144173849_n

Week 20-21

Halfway already can you believe it? I know I can’t. Even though our process has been a bit longer then the traditional process, it has gone by really fast.

Everything is great so far. I have moved to seeing the doctor every week due to preeclampsia precautions. My blood pressure has climbed slightly but not bad yet and I have only experienced slight swelling. When I was pregnant with Kylie it didn’t seem to get really bad till 6/7 months. Preeclampsia is a funny thing though Continue reading

Week 11

Sorry it has been a while. It has been a long week and I decided it might be better to wait until the week is over to report on how that week in pregnancy went.

The rest of week 10 went well. I was controlling my morning sickness with the Zofran (yeah sorry I think I was spelling it wrong. I keep wanting to put an “l” in it for some reason).  While visiting my husband’s grandmother in the hospital however, I saw a commercial that said there was a connection of birth defects linked to Zofran use. Apparently the medication was never studied or intended for prenatal use. The FDA trails and approval were made for patients going through chemo Continue reading